Rob Zombie may not be at the top of everyone's favorite director list, but Leigh thinks you might want to reconsider. Todays episode Leigh and Britt t...View Details

We interrupt NOTH's usual schedule for a very special pissed off version of Shootin' The Shit. Leigh and Britt get serious to discuss real life horror...View Details

Leigh and Britt dive into one of the movies that revitalized horror in the late 90's. Will Britt enjoy the magic that is The Craft, or will Leigh have...View Details

Growing up is pure hell! This week on the show Leigh and Britt check out a flick that puts a new type of spin on the idea of a witch. Will Britt dig t...View Details

We begin our dive into the world of dark magic with Robert Eggers gorgeous film, The Witch! Will Britt and Leigh like this movie the second time aroun...View Details

What do you get when you combine killer animatronic animals and Nic Cage? A damn good time! Listener request month comes to an end with Willy's Wonder...View Details

Episode 156: Kuso (2017)

Listener request month rolls on with the weirdest movie we have ever covered, Flying Lotus's Kuso from 2017. Leigh explains surrealism to Britt while ...View Details

Episode 155: Slugs (1988)

This week on our listener request month lineup, how do you make the worlds most non-aggressive thing horrifying? Add a lot of sex, gore, and explosion...View Details

Listener request month rolls on with Street Trash! Leigh and Britt read bad reviews, while diving into Britts first melt movie!---- Street Trash (1987...View Details

For the first episode of Listener Request month, Britt and Leigh check out Vampire In Brooklyn, probably the only time Leigh will get to talk about Ed...View Details

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