Leigh plays proffessor once more in part two of our Movie Gimmicks saga. Today Leigh takes you on a brief history and times of the greatest horror sho...View Details

In this relaxed episode Leigh and Brittany run through a brief history of movie gimmicks. One that changed film as we know it, one that continuously c...View Details

For the last episode of Camp Waters month, Leigh and Britt go cinematically militant with CECIL B. DEMENTED. One of John Waters most underrated films!...View Details

On the third episode of Camp Waters Month, Leigh and Britt discuss the precursor to the True Crime boom. Will Britt enjoy Serial Mom starring Kathleen...View Details

Camp Water continues this week with a trip to suburbia with Polyester! John Waters turning point from midnight flicks to mainstream. Did Britt dig thi...View Details

Welcome to Camp Waters, a month long celebration of John Waters flicks! On today’s episode Leigh and Britt dive into an experiment in bad taste. Will ...View Details

For the last episode of listener request month, Leigh and Brittany dive into a zombie flick that is just as unique today as it was in 1985.-----------...View Details

On todays listener request episode, Leigh and Britt take a look at a video store mainstay, The Video Dead. From a time when direct to video horror was...View Details

On todays supersized episode, Leigh and Britt chug on with listener request month. This week they take a detour into fantasy with Highlander from 1986...View Details

Episode 102: Alien (1979)

Leigh and Britt blast off to the stars with Alien, but will Britt enjoy her second venture into sci-fi horror? Or will she shoot Leigh out of the airl...View Details

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