Troma Month continues on NOTH with 1981's Graduation Day. Britt and Leigh throw on their short shorts and see just how 80's a slasher can truly be.---...View Details

Happy Troma Month!! Leigh and Britt dig into a true indie film, featured on Rebel Without A Crew on the El Rey Network! The Good Exorcist blends comed...View Details

This week Leigh and Britt get Re-Animated for Stuart Gordon's wild ride Re-Animator from 1985. Will Britt dig the antics of Herbert West, or will she ...View Details

Leigh and Britt take a trip to the woods for a classic slasher, Madman! Leigh recasts the movie with Blue Collar comedians, while Brittany tries not t...View Details

This week on the show we send in the clowns with the very scary Terrifier from 2016. Will Art the clown impress Britt or will she leave this one in th...View Details

This week on NOTH, our horrific duo takes on C.H.U.D. A flick that approaches a serious question, how many times can you say a name in a screenplay? L...View Details

To close out February the horror duo has a movie that goes completely off the rails, in the best possible way. That's right we are discussing James Wa...View Details

This week on the show, Leigh and Britt travel back to 1960's London with Edgar Wright's Last Night In Soho. A wonderful throw back horror movie that i...View Details

On todays show Leigh and Britt gaze into the mirror of the amazing SEQUEL not remake, 2021's Candyman. Why do people have a problem with confronting h...View Details

NOTH returns to the world of horror with a film Leigh feels has suffered an injustice, The Empty Man. Is the movie as empty as the title, or is it a n...View Details

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