On this weeks massive episode, Leigh and Brittany unfold a Kubrick classic, The Shining. Conspiracy theory, actor torture, and fun horror trivia! Did ...View Details

New day same terrible taste, NOTH debuts their new Monday time slot with a trip to the lone star state with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.  Listen as ...View Details

On todays casual episode, Leigh finally get Brittany to check out Twin Peaks. Travel with us to a sleep mountain town where noting is as it seems.----...View Details

For our last episode of Tom Atkins Halloween we dive into a strange sequel with plenty of drinking and womanizing to keep any Atkins fan satisfied. Jo...View Details

Tom Atkins Halloween rolls on with a not so Atkins flick. Join Leigh and Brittany as they dive into one bad ass flick from 1981.------Our theme song B...View Details

Tom Atkins Halloween continues with The Fog, John Carpenters ghost story of revenge and well....fog. Join Leigh and Brittany for a spooky episode invo...View Details

Happy Tom Atkins Halloween, all month long we celebrate badass character actor, Tom Atkins. This week Leigh and Brittany dive into one of Tom's person...View Details

Join Leigh and Brittany for another casual episode as they talk sex in abandoned locations, Tom Atkins, Are Zombies Cannibals, Mothman's butthole and ...View Details

Leigh takes us back to the early 90's for a retro batch of Fresh Popcorn!-----Have a full or short length film that needs to be showcased on Fresh Pop...View Details

This week we hit the third George A. Romero masterpiece, Day Of The Dead. Join Leigh and Brittany as they check out this zombie classic!------Our them...View Details

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