Leigh and Brittany dive into the late great Joel Schumacher's vampire tale of youth and desire. Will Brittany dig The Lost Boys, and will Leigh tell s...View Details

Leigh and Brittany take a break from the horror and pay a reduced price at the Grindhouse with 2010's Machete! Hear Leighs ethnic background! Marvel i...View Details

Join Leigh and Brittany as they head back to Twin Peaks, to hear this special subscriber only episode, head over to Patreon today! https://www.patreon...View Details

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Come grab a few drinks at the Titty Twister with Leigh and Brittany as they stake down into From Dusk Till Dawn.  Will Leigh be able to keep it togeth...View Details

There's something in the water, and its hilarious. Leigh and Brittany go swimming with one of Roger Cormans biggest hits, directed by Joe Dante and wr...View Details

Episode 84: Link (1986)

On todays episode Leigh and Brittany dive into a movie they attempted to cover back in NOTH's old days. Join us as we find out Leigh has a fear of chi...View Details

A Holiday With The Evil Dead comes to an end, ring in the new year with Leigh and Brittany as they dive into the first three episodes of Ash Vs Evil D...View Details

After Evil Dead 2 introduced the world to an Evil Dead injected with humor, the next step was to take it to 1300 A.D. right?  Well to Brittany's disap...View Details

A Holiday With The Evil Dead rolls on with a film Leigh has seen almost 280 times, Sam Raimi's amazing follow up to his ultimate experience in gruelin...View Details

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