This batch of Fresh popcorn has Leigh grabbing a ride share and checking out End Trip a film that grabs hold and doesn't let go!   END TRIP (2018)  Di...View Details

When you say Dracula one person comes to mind, Bela Lugosi.  In 1931 under Tod Browning's direction Bela Lugosi brought a legend to the silver screen ...View Details

Mondays are for Fresh Popcorn and on this edition Leigh checks out 2018's THE FARE, a film that takes you back to the days of well thought out horror....View Details

Horror hosts were the way some of us experienced horror flicks for the first time.  They are guides introducing us to a world of scares, comedy, and j...View Details

Its no secret that SATANIC PANIC was one of Leigh's favorite films of 2019, a refreshing horror comedy produced by Fangoria.  Today on Interview With ...View Details

Leigh takes a trip to the Lone Star state, for a collection of horror stories sure to spook ya.  TEXAS TALL TALES is great anthology horror and a grea...View Details

HAIL SATAN!!   Are you ready to commit yourself to Night Of The Horrorphile?  In today's episode, the gruesome duo dives headfirst into one of the bes...View Details

On the first edition of Interview With The Horrorphile, Leigh sits down with David Howard Thornton.  From the Grinch to Art the Clown we get a glimpse...View Details

Leigh set our to review a movie with his hero Joe Bob Briggs in it, what he found was much more.  THE GHOSTS OF JOHNSON WOODS directed by Glenn Berggo...View Details

Episode 36: Maniac (1980)

We warned you not to go out at night... With its guerilla-style shooting and its grungy classic NYC feel, MANIAC is amongst the best slasher movies of...View Details

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