Happy Pride Month!!!! Ahead of its time, Clive Barker's Nightbreed taught us about community and standing up against oppression.  Leigh and Brittany d...View Details

Troma presents a film unlike any other, Leigh checks out Mutant Blast a masterpiece of indie film making.----------got a indie feature (short or full ...View Details

We close out Listener request month with our most requested movie, BloodSucking Freaks.  Leigh tries to explain why he likes this movie, while Brittan...View Details

Leigh jumps into the directors cut of a film that has been treated wrong, as with most true independent pictures Thr33 Days Dead has been shot into di...View Details

Episode 52: Troll (1986)

This week we not only watch an incredible little fantasy horror movie, we salute its director, the late John Carl Buechler.  Join Leigh & Brittany...View Details

Thomas Jane VS Werewolf?  Not really, Leigh checks out this horror thriller about werewolfs and delinquents.  Have a film or recommendation for Fresh ...View Details

Roger Corman was determined to beat Jurrasic Park to the punch, but did it work?  Leigh and Brittany chomp into Carnosaur from 1993.  There isnt any b...View Details

Is that Charles Bronson? No, its Robert Bronzi!  Leigh checks out From Hell To The Wild West, a very different kind of slasher flick!

Send in the Klowns!  Leigh and Brittany bite into a cult classic for the second episode of Listener Request Month.  Come hang with us as we talk cotto...View Details

This week on fresh popcorn Leigh checks out Mentally Apart a deep psychological thriller made on a bare budget!  Find it today on Amazon Prime.

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