Leigh takes us on a journey that pics up from where we last left off 1989 with Tetsuo the Iron Man. Join Leigh and Britt as they discuss technophobia,...View Details

On the first part of our two part series on Japanese Horror, Leigh takes Brittany on a journey that begins with ancient Japan and ends in the late 80'...View Details

Its the Heckin best!!! Leigh and Britt laugh their way through the breath of fresh air that is Psycho Goreman from the year that brought us nothing bu...View Details

Its time to go to camp with Leigh and Britt as they discuss 1983's unique slasher, Sleepaway Camp. Is Angela problematic? Where exactly did that curli...View Details

On todays episode Leigh and Britt take an exit and end up at a Tourist Trap, 1979's Tourist Trap to be exact. Will Leigh finally drive Britt to madnes...View Details

On this weeks episode Leigh and Britt dive into Charle B Pierce's "true" story, The Town That Dreaded Sundown! Can Britt survive the weird nature of t...View Details

Step into the Paradise with Leigh and Britt for a rock opera about murder and deception, Phantom Of The Paradise! It may have been a flop when it came...View Details

Slap on those red and blue glasses because Leigh and Britt are headed back to Crystal Lake! Britt finds some underlying themes while Leigh asks why pe...View Details

On this weeks episode Leigh and Britt dive into a William Castle Masterpiece! With Vincent Price starring and presented in Percepto! This one literall...View Details

A sneak peek at our newest weekly Patreon only bonus show! Shootin' The Shit is a show about nothin, every Friday Leigh and Britt talk random topics (...View Details

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