Our old friends the Nazis are up to their usual evil in this weeks Fresh Popcorn, only this time they brought vampires.  What did Leigh think of Blood...View Details

Eli Roth came out swinging with his 2002 debut, will Brittany be able to control herself around her horror crush? Will Leigh make way to many sex joke...View Details

Host is a film that is perfect for our current times, but is it Fresh?-------If you have a project (short or full length film) you'd like featured on ...View Details

Let do the mash, its our second episode covering a Universal classic monster.  Join Leigh and Brittany as they reanimate this film from the golden age...View Details

This week Leigh checks out (for the tenth time) SCARE PACKAGE, an anthology that works. ---------Have a short or full length film you would like highl...View Details

In 1982 Tobe Hooper and Steven Spielberg collaborated on one hell of a ghost story, from desecrated graves to spooky clown dolls Poltergeist has it al...View Details

A film about a killer clown doll, but its kinda tired.  What did Leigh think about this one?------Have a short or full length film you want featured o...View Details

SPOILERS!!!!   Our dynamic horror duo dive into Ari Aster's debut flick, Hereditary.  In today's episode we talk about mental illness and a few other ...View Details

Leigh checks out the Spinal Tap of horror, Brutal Massacre!----------Have a project you would like featured on Fresh Popcorn? Drop us a line at horror...View Details

This episode is dedicated to one hell of a guy, Danny Hicks.  Join Leigh and Brittany as they dig into one of his best works, INTRUDER from 1989.-----...View Details

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