This week Leigh and Britt dive into the frustratingly good Wolfen. Are these werewolves? Would four hours of this movie be better?--------- Wolfen is ...View Details

Leigh and Britt check out Neil Marshalls first big flick, Dog Soldiers. With a low budget and a simple story, this weeks feature brings the werewolf t...View Details

Leigh and Britt continue the month of the wolf with a Joe Dante classic, The Howling. With in-jokes and Rob Bottin special effects The Howling is a da...View Details

This week Leigh and Britt dive into their first werewolf movie on NOTH. Horror and comedy are excellent bedfellows, if they are paired right. Todays f...View Details

Happy Halloween, enjoy a bonus treat, for one time only Leigh and Britt have unlocked an episode of Shootin' The Shit! If you like what you hear, join...View Details

Leigh and Britt have saved the best for last, 90's Slash-O-Rama October comes to an end with Scream from 1996. Will Britt enjoy her first viewing of W...View Details

In 1998 we saw Michael return once more, this time to face off against Jamie Lee Curtis again for the last time.......until 2018. But this movie thril...View Details

Spider eggs in the bubble yum! Leigh and Britt have a blast digging into the second episode of Slash-O-Rama. Urban Legend might not be the best slashe...View Details

Before he wrote the groundbreaking SCREAM (1996), Kevin Williamson had adapted a little novel from the 70's. Leigh and Britt dive into a simple little...View Details

Join Leigh and Britt as they toss on a black video tape and check out 1998's Ring. Will Hideo Nakata's classic get under Britts skin?---------RING (19...View Details

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