On todays installment of Troma Month episodes, Leigh and Britt hang ten with Leroy's Mama! Its Surf Nazis Must Die a film Roger Ebert walked out of so...View Details

Troma Month is off to a wild start with Rabid Grannies! Will Britt enjoy this one and can Leigh calm himself around older women? Find out today!------...View Details

Leigh and Britt wrap up True Crime March with a look at two of the most popular serial killers, John Wayne Gacy & Ted Bundy.---------------------O...View Details

Leigh and Brittany continue True Crime March with Ed Gein (2000). A cold look at a real life boogeyman. Will Britt enjoy this "to the facts" take on r...View Details

Episode 94: Dahmer (2002)

True Crime March hits Milwaukee as Leigh and Brittany talk Dahmer (2002). A film based on the crimes of one of the most notorious cannibals in America...View Details

True Crime March hits the road with the drifter killer Henry Lee Lucas, while its a mystery to how many he truly killed, this film based on his confes...View Details

Ring in March with Leigh and Brittany as they turn NOTH into a celebration of the macabre! On todays casual horror episode Leigh explains the influenc...View Details

Join Leigh and Brittany as they dive into one of the most unique horror flicks of the 90's.----------------------------------------------Our theme Son...View Details

Be our victim as we dive into 1992's most gorgeous horror movie, Candyman. Join Leigh and Brittany as they unfold the layers on an amazing horror icon...View Details

Episode 89: Rated PG-13

Leigh and Brittany take a look at our films rating system and the bias that comes with.------------------Our theme Song BBQ MANIAC was written and per...View Details

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